My First Baby Shoot

This is baby Lucas. He is three months old and this was his first photo shoot. 

I set up some saw horses in the studio and used a piece of MDF to act as a platform. We then used cushions and blankets to create a stable surface for him. My friend, Kristy. came to assist as my baby wrangler. She brought along props and baby handling experience.

I don't think I'd be open to doing another one of these without having someone like Kristy there. She took care of all the posing and all I did was shoot the images.

Here are a few shots from the shoot:



Here's an interesting insight to my process.

This is a behind-the-scenes photo of a lighting setup, followed by a shot that's been processed and edited. 

It's amazing how you get from one a rough starting point, to a finished image.

BTS image:


Photos in the Living Room

Even though I have a dedicated shooting space in my house, sometimes it can be fun to use other rooms and change things up. For this shoot, we decided to try using the couch in the living room because it usually looks pretty cool when hit with light.

Here are a couple shots:




Boudoir in the New House

I recently did my first boudoir shoot in my new place and I think it went pretty well. Heather was great to work with and was willing to try just about anything. After doing some shots in the bedroom, we headed in the studio to try some things.

Here are a few images from the shoot:







My First Nude Shoot

Last week, I got to shoot my first nude model. It was her first time posing nude as well. Overall, I think it went fairly well. I tried to make sure she felt comfortable the whole time and she seemed to get fairly comfortable as time went on. 

We were doing a few shots with lace. I had seen some photos from a favorite photographer and I used it as an exercise to try to figure out how he lit his shots.

here are a few examples:



Equine Photography

I had my second equine (shoot with a horse) photo shoot last week with Mandi and Dave. We didn't get too many photos with Dave (the horse) because he was not in a great mood and was a little agitated. He wasn't too interested in staying in one spot and kept running away from the back lighting we were getting from the setting sun.

Ah well....maybe next time. 

Here are a couple of the photos from that shoot:


A Little Studio Shoot

Alyssa, the model from the last post, came over for a little studio session. I was going for a particular lighting setup and she was more than patient in letting me experiment. 

Here a few shots from that session: