My First Equine Shoot

Last Friday, I got to do my first horse shoot. I was worried at first, having never worked with an animal like that before. The beautiful woman in the photos is Alyssa and her furry friend is Primrose. Prim was well behaved and we got some great shots.

One note however. This shoot did not go as planned. I had intended to use this as a test of my new softbox and to put the AD200 through some more paces. It wasn't until I reached the ranch that I realized I had left the AD200's radio trigger at home. I had to do the shoot with natural light. It's a good thing I decided to shoot around sunset so we had great lighting.

I look forward to future shoots with these two.


A shoot to play with my new toy

I got to shoot this lovely lady, Alissa Ann, last Friday around sunset. We had a good time, except for the damn mosquitoes constantly attacking us. We were chewed up pretty good but luckily, I know my way around Photoshop so you can hardly tell.

I also got to take my new toy out for a spin. I picked up the Godox AD200 specifically to do these types of shoots. It's about two or three times more powerful than my normal flash but about the same size. It performed beautifully.

Here's the flash:




Here are a couple of shots from the shoot:


I love B&W

I really need to get better at updating this blog whenever I shoot something.

I love black and white photography. I love how it gets straight to the point. I prefer the high-contrast and grittier look. 

Often, I like to go back and re-edit photos that were originally color and see how they might have looked. 

Picture Day at Work

Every year, I offer up a Picture Day for my coworkers at my day time gig. This gives them the chance to get new photos for their professional profiles and it gives me the chance to experiment with new techniques and play with my toys.

This year, a coworker who is very much into costuming, brought in a lot of costume pieces and props for people to play with. 

Here are a few examples:



      And a couple costumed photos:   



And a couple costumed photos:



First live band performance

I was asked by a friend from work to come out and take some photos of his band. They were looking for something other than cellphone pictures to use on social media. Having never shot a band performance in a dark bar, I was not totally confident that I'd get anything useful for them but I agreed anyways. Here are a few of my favorites.

Test Shoot with Kendyl

I had recently gotten some new gear over winter and have not had the chance to get out and shoot with it. My friend, Kari, loaned me her son to stand there and let me test out my gear on him. Kendyl was a good sport.

I learned a few things that day.

1. My new ND filter sucks

2. My new soft box is awesome

3. A LCD magnifier/eyepiece is the best tool you could have when shooting in bright light

Here are a couple of shots from the test shoot:



Fun with water

I had some time off from work so I decided to do a photo project. I went out and picked up a cheap glass fish tank, filled with with water, lit it with speedlights and dropped stuff in. Here are a few of the images.

I went to the zoo...

I went to the zoo the other day so you know what that means? Pictures! Unfortunately, It was only 23 degrees out so most of the animals were keeping warm indoors (can you blame them?) but a few were outside, enjoying the brisk winter air.